Everything We Know about Seth MacFarlane’s Dating History


Ever wonder about Seth MacFarlane’s love life? MacFarlane is not like Hollywood celebrities who post their romances on Instagram. We do know a few women in the entertainment business with whom he is linked.

MacFarlane’s Most Recent Relationship Is Reportedly With Anne Winters

Winters is most well-known for her role in Chloe Rice. 13 Reasons Why.In the movie, she starred alongside MacFarlane The Orvilleseason 3. Season 3. Winters posted an Instagram StoryThey were seen cuddling in the backyard while they watched a movie. No further posts or other information has been released since then, so we’re not sure about the current status of their relationship.

His Past Relationships

Halston Sage

Sage is another The Orville co-star. The whispers connecting her with MacFarlane started to grow louder in September 2017. According to The Daily Mail, She and MacFarlaneThey went together to West Hollywood’s most prestigious restaurant in the early part of 2018, and they seemed quite comfortable despite their 20-year age difference. Sage was 44 years old at the time. Sage left The OrvilleIn season 2.

Emilia Clarke

E! NewsIt was reported that MacFarlane died in 2013. Game of ThronesActress Emilia Clarke Not continuing their relationshipDue to their jobs and the fact that they are often geographically distant, The couple had been together about six months before their separation.

Clarke also spoke out about the matter. “pros and cons”It’s amazing to see someone as famous as you are. She said Glamour that getting unsolicited, intrusive advice from well-meaning admirers she didn’t even know while she was dating MacFarlane was very disconcerting for her. 

It is no surprise that she has millions of admirers who love her character. Game of ThronesIt was likely to be inevitable. Clarke remained calm and dismissed the incident, although it clearly upset her. 

“Well, a con is you have strangers giving you love-life advice like, ‘I’m a big fan of the show, and I’m not sure what you’re doing with that guy,’ which I didn’t react well to. That happened in New York when Seth and I were together. This guy started to give me advice: ‘Can I get a selfie? And by the way…’ Unh-unh, bro.”

Clarke answered, “Yes, I am dating someone right now.” “No. I’m just chilling. I’ve got a good thing going.”

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