Everything You Need To Know About The DC Comics Series ‘Naomi’.


DeadlineThe adaptation of the comics series was announced for television in December 2020. However, it took until February 2021 for a pilot to be ordered for the show. On May 24, 20,21, Naomi Ava Blankenship, Sarah Bremner, Paul Garnes, and Jill Blankenship officially signed the series up for development. Ava also wrote the pilot episode.

Kaci Walfall, a young actress, was chosen to play Naomi McDuffie. Kaci Walfall, a young actress, revealed to DC FanDome that she was sixteen years old when cast as Naomi McDuffie. In March 2021, Alexander Wraith and Cranston Johnson were also announced as series regulars.

DC FanDome has revealed a new clip of the show. The clip shows Naomi in class giving a presentation when Superman appears to be fighting just a few blocks away. Naomi runs out of class to try and capture the Man of Steel for her web show but ends up stopping on the way after experiencing what could be a panic attack — or the awakening of her superpowers.

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