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You’re not in the wrong! This isn’t. Daily PopE!’s own Justin Sylvester in the trailer for Jennifer Lopez‘s newest film.  

Eagle-eyed viewers were able to spot Justin making a cameo appearance, as he reports on the devastating break up between fictional superstars Kat Valdez (played by Jennifer) and her partner Bastian (Maluma() in the trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy Marry meThe movie, which was released Thursday, November 18. Universal Pictures’ movie “Love, Valentine’s Day” is now available.

Justin posted the trailer to his YouTube channel after its release. Instagram StoryAnd he added that he was “so proud to be a part of this.” Watch the trailer Here.

Directed By Kat CoiroMarry me tells the story of Kat Valdez, a musical icon who is planning to marry her partner Bastian at a sold-out concert being live streamed all over the globe. But just as she’s about get ready to perform, she finds out that Bastian is cheating on her.