Ex-Angels staffer sent to prison for 22 years in Tyler Skaggs case


For providing drugs to Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs in Texas, a former employee was sentenced by the federal government to 22 years.According to ESPN. Eric Kay, who was facing at most 20 years imprisonment on one of these two charges, didn’t react to U.S. District Judge Terry R. Mean reading his sentence. Skaggs was killed on July 1, 2019. 

“We are very grateful to everyone who worked so hard to investigate and prosecute Eric Kay. Today’s sentencing isn’t about the number of years the defendant received,”In a statement, the Skaggs Family said. “The real issue in this case is holding accountable the people who are distributing the deadly drug fentanyl. It is killing tens of thousands of people every year in our country and destroying families along with it. We will continue the fight to hold responsible those who allowed Kay to provide a deadly drug to Tyler. But for their actions, Tyler would still be with us today.”  

Kay was convicted on February 3. Prosecutors presented evidence that Kay made disparaging comments about Skaggs, his family, jurors, and prosecutors in telephone calls and emails after the conviction. Kay was convicted of one count each for drug distribution resulting death and drug conspiracy. Kay was part of the Angels group from 1996-1999 and assumed the role of communications director for team in 2013. 

A coroner’s investigation found that Skaggs, 27, choked to death from his vomit, and that alcohol, oxycodone, and fentanyl were all in his system. Skaggs began his MLB career in 2012 with the Arizona Diamondbacks and remained with them for two seasons. Skaggs joined the Angels as a relief pitcher in 2014. It was a reunion since Skaggs was drafted by the Angels back in 2009. He was sidelined for the 2015 season after Tommy John surgery. However, he returned to the team and became one of the starters. 

“Obviously, it doesn’t change my view on Tyler,”Mike Trout, Angels star, said this shortly after Skaggs’ passing. “He made a big impact on my life, this team. I was kind of shocked when the news came out like that. That’s tough, but it doesn’t change the feeling I have for him and the way he impacted my life.”

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