Ex-Cop speaks out on the 911 call involving Herschel Walker


A former police officer who responded to an incident involving U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is speaking out. Mark Kostos was a member of the Irving police department in Texas when Walker allegedly threatened to shoot at police.

“You could hear sirens coming from all around the city, trying to get there as quickly as they could, because we thought it was a very threatening situation,” Kostos told Inside Edition.

Cindy Walker, Walker’s ex-wife, told police that he threatened to shoot Cindy and himself.

“She was giving us a credible story that he had threatened her with a firearm,” Kostos said. 

An unredacted police report from 2001 says Walker’s spouse was “alarmed and very scared”Walker’s safety and well-being “violent tendencies.”However, the football legend wasn’t arrested.

“If it had been an average citizen in that situation, that person would have been arrested at that time, sure,” Kostos said.

Walker’s son Christian was in the house at the time of the 2001 incident. Christian has bitterly criticized Walker on social media. He was just two years old.

The Irving Police Department disputes Kostos’ claims.

“We responded for a wellness check,”Inside Edition was told by a spokesperson. “The remarks made by Mark Kostos are entirely inconsistent with the facts.”

Herschel Walker denies being violent towards his ex-wife.

Walker is challenging Democrat Raphael Warnock for the seat from Georgia — an election that could tip the balance of the Senate. At their debate, they brought up the Texas incident.

Warnock had his own encounters with police. Bodycam video shows Warnock’s ex-wife accusing him of running over her foot during a domestic dispute in 2020. 

“Tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today, he crossed the line,”She told police.

Warnock told cops another story. “I barely moved, and all of a sudden, she’s screaming,”Warnock spoke.

Warnock was not charged and no injuries were reported.

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