Exclusive Sneak Peek at the US Secretary for Education Meeting ‘I Am Jazz” Star Jazz Jennings


Jazz Jennings and Griffen will be bringing their Be Kind Bill, a program that encourages kindness to children, to Dr. Miguel Cardona, the U.S Secretary of Education. PopCulture.com gives you an exclusive sneak peak at Tuesday’s new episode of “The Voice”. I Am JazzThey both advocate creating safe spaces that are affirming and supportive for all federal students. 

“Mr. Cardona sets the policies for education in the United States,”Griffen tells the camera in advance of their virtual meeting. “So, having his ear is a very, very important step towards passing the federal Be Kind Bill.”Griffen, who has just begun law school, admits that he is still learning. “definitely a bit nervous to be having a conversation with someone this high up in the president’s Cabinet.”

Jazz tells Cardona she was bullied “a lot”Both students and teachers were present in elementary school. Jazz said to Cardona that she had also been embarrassed by being forced to use the nursing facility instead of the girl’s. “on a kid level”She was bullied and called names by her classmates. “That’s just tough,”Jazz responds to Cardona’s sympathies. “It is tough. And we just want everyone to live in a world where they can be free to be who they are.”

“That shouldn’t even be debatable in 2021,” Cardona assures, asking, “What would you like to see for schools across the country? Or what advice would you give me or educators across the country as we reopen schools?”Jazz calls for an education program to teach administrators and teachers in every school. “treat kids with respect”All levels.

“That’s a constant effort that we’re gonna do to make sure that our schools are welcoming environments,” Cardona tells her. “You know, at the Department of Education, I want you to know you have allies.”Cardona responds to a question about how schools can promote kindness. “You know, we gotta start from scratch, right? You can’t wait for problems to happen to unlearn bad behavior and then teach good behavior, you gotta start with the foundation of acceptance, of learning about others. That has to be part of the DNA of the school. Be unapologetically you.”

“So, I just wanted to know what advice you have for people like us who just wanna create real change,” Jazz asks. Cardona notes, “You know, continue to advocate, continue to have conversations with those who are policymakers, with school leaders, keep doing what you’re doing, and know that I’m really proud of you, and students across the country should be proud of you too.” I Am Jazz Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC ET on TLC