Expert: Three words in Queen’s hospital’s statement triggered alarm bells


Experts claim that Buckingham Palace misled the public about Queen Elizabeth’s health after she spent the night in hospital.

This is because the official statement was said to contain three words that raised alarm bells, according to Daniela Elser (royal correspondent). NewsAU.

The palace announced Wednesday, that the Queen was alive and well. “reluctantly accepted medical advice” to rest on the advice of her doctors and was cancelling her upcoming two-day tour of Northern Ireland.

Last week, the longest-reigning sovereign was seen using a cane when arriving at a service at Westminster Abbey, and previous reports claimed she has given up drinking to preserve her health ahead of the Platinum Jubilee next year.

The Queen spent a night in hospital after doctors' ordered her to 'rest'
After being told by doctors to rest, the Queen spent one night in hospital

Officials at the Palace stated that she was resting in Windsor, assuring the British public that Her Majesty was not facing any serious health issues.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Her Majesty was in fact present two days before, on Wednesday. “resting”, she had actually been admitted to the private King Edward VII hospital in London’s Marylebone.

Sources claimed that Silver Screen Beat Queen stayed the night because it was too late for her to go home.

The Queen spent a night in the private King Edward VII's Hospital on Wednesday
On Wednesday, the Queen spent a night at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

In a statement, they said: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today (Thursday) and remains in good spirits.”

The statement is alarming for some because it is similar to previous statements regarding the health of Prince Phillip who was admitted to the hospital in February.

Buckingham Palace says the Queen is now back at Windsor Castle recovering
Buckingham Palace reports that the Queen is now at Windsor Castle recovering

According to the palace, he was admitted to the hospital on the advice of doctors. “in good spirits.”

The Duke then died two months later on April 9, just before his 100th Birthday.

The BBC’s royal editor, Nicholas Witchell, told BBC Breakfast that the media had not “been given the complete picture”Concerning the Queen’s Health.

Palace sources insist that the Queen was entitled to medical privacy, and that she was not required to disclose her hospital admission.

The Queen is currently back at Windsor Castle, and will be spending the weekend recuperating.

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