Experts in caravan sales answer the top 11 questions of buyers – from selecting a pitch to taking your dog with you


The key to endless getaways is a caravan.

You have many things to think about before you make a decision on where and how you want it to be.

Haven is the market leader in UK caravan parks. It has parks in 38 locations and a team of experts who can help.

Popular questions regarding caravan ownership include rules about letting your caravan, how long you can stay there, and whether you can take your dog along.

Gareth, from Haven’s Golden Sands in Lincolnshire, North Wales expert Jamie from Greenacres, and Kristie, from Haven’s Littlesea Park in Weymouth, have all the answers.

1. Why would someone buy a Haven caravan instead of buying a house?

“People buy to spend more time with family and to get away from the everyday,”Kristie.

“It brings everybody together and puts them in one place,”Gareth was added “We’re all busy at home, but all of that just stops and you can be together, relax and take a breath.

As for why people choose Haven, Jamie said: “We are a trusted brand that has a lot of experience and have been helping families for more than 50 years.”

2. What makes ownership special?

According to Jamie, stories from Greenacres owners speak for themselves.

“A card I received from a family stating that owning a caravan has improved their lives and brought them closer to home, was a gift. We have a fourth generation of family members who trust us with their holiday home.

“They want their kids to have the same holiday experience that their parents or their grandparents had as children.

Gareth added: “You can make new friends at the park and have a beer with your neighbours. There are friends for the kids and it feels like you have two lives: one at home and one at park.”

3. How can I pick the perfect park for me?

Haven’s team is equipped with knowledge of its 38 parks, ready to make recommendations before customers visit.

Golden Sands-based expert Gareth suggests there are “Many factors” when it comes to the decision, and said: “The beach across the road is a big focus at our park, but it’s very flat here so if you want to go and look at mountains, we’re not for you.

“There’s also location to consider – most owners choose a park within a two-hour drive.”

“With so many parks, Haven covers all bases,”Kristie also added “Beach, woods, mountain views – we’ve got something for everyone.”

4. Can I rent my holiday home?

“Yes, many of our owners do and use the money towards their site fees,”Gareth.

Jamie explained that it happens at Haven’s Greenacres. “We’ve got some retired owners who let their caravan during school holidays, and families that let on off-peak dates.

“The beauty of it is that it’s flexible and is tailored around how you plan to use your caravan.”

5. If I let my caravan with Haven Simply Letting, can I leave my things between stays to save on packing?

Haven sites are well prepared to help caravan owners get the best out of their holiday homes and letting opportunities.

“If you choose to let with Haven, your caravan will need crockery and cutlery, etc – the team will explain exactly what is needed,” said Gareth. “Before you let your Haven caravan out, all personal items must be taken away.”

Jamie added: “Storage spaces can be purchased for owners to store their belongings. This varies depending on park and pitch.

“Some caravans have built-in storage, including lockable storage built into the sofa.”

With well-appointed amenities in each caravan, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home but with a new local area and attractions to explore.

Great activities and hearty restaurants mean it’s a breeze to entertain friends and family on park too.

Visit Haven Caravans for more information.†.

6. Are my family and friends allowed to visit me?

“Owners receive 10 Privilege Cards for named individuals for all the general facilities such as the pool, and the owner-exclusive ones, as well as a discount on restaurants, shops, bars and some activities,”Kristie. “You can add more family members for a small additional cost.”

7. Can we bring our dogs?

“Dogs are welcome in the majority of our parks, so you don’t have the cost of putting your pups in kennels,”Jamie. “The areas around us have become a lot more dog-friendly as well – it’s a doggy haven as well as a people haven.”

8. Can I stay in a park year-round?

“The parks close over the winter for essential maintenance, and caravans are drained down until the following season, said Jamie. “Seasons vary by park.”

9. Will I have to change my caravan after a certain number of years?

According to Kristie, there’s no age limit on the caravan and no pressure to upgrade.

“But if your circumstances change, we do make it easy to upgrade to a different model – one with more beds or more storage, for instance,” he said.

“Each owner is entitled to a 12-year license agreement. At the end of 12 years, they have the option to renew the agreement. If you choose to renew there’s no additional cost.”

10. Do I own the land?

“Although you won’t be able to own your pitch, site fees will cover the cost for keeping your caravan on the ground for the full year.” said Gareth.

11. What do site fees cover?

“Site fees include the right to use the pitch and the privileges of entertainment and discounts. They also cover things like security, maintenance, landscaping, and assistance from park teams.” said Jamie.