Experts say that the demand for Brazilian butt lifts has created a dangerous black market for injections.


Brazilian buttlifts are becoming more popular. Over 40,000 Brazilian buttlifts were safely performed in the last year.

However, these procedures are the most dangerous of all cosmetic surgeries. Numerous women have died from complications following buttlifts.

Dr. Constantino Medieta is a Miami-certified plastic surgeon who specializes on butt lifts.

“The problem is a lot of these people aren’t licensed, number one, and they’re not even medical professionals sometimes, and that’s where it gets really scary,”Mendieta stated.

Oklahoma nurse Rolanda Hutton alleges in a lawsuit that a botched procedure left her in a wheelchair — a claim her surgeon says is without merit. 

“I try not to get emotional when people talk to me about this, but it’s hard,”Hutton stated.

Experts believe that the demand for BBLs is so high that some unscrupulous, unqualified individuals are trying to make a buck by offering women black-market buttlift injections at a discount price.

Inside Edition’s investigative unit found a woman without a medical license advertising “advance glute enhancement needle therapy”Get an Instagram account starting at $950

Katie Taylor and Alycia Taylor, Inside Edition producers met at an office to share hidden cameras. 

When asked about the ingredients of the filler injection, the woman promoting it stated they were “mainly collagen”Along with “aloe vera plant, seaweed, vitamin E, fucus” and something she didn’t know how to pronounce.

“We can Google it if you want,”She said.

She stated that another ingredient in the Syringes was coffee.

Inside Edition chief investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero caught up with her as left for the night, and she repeatedly denied that she was performing black-market butt injections.

Inside Edition showed Dr. Arthur Perry, a New Jersey board certified plastic surgeon, the video.

“We’re talking about a procedure that is not being done by a doctor, being done by an unlicensed professional, in an unsterile way, by someone who can’t even pronounce some of the ingredients that she’s injecting into your buttocks. C’mon now, this is crazy,”Perry said.

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