Experts Share Their Advice on What Lotto Winners Should Do after They Hit the Jackpot


Who won the Mega Millions jackpot in a staggering $1.3 billion? That’s the burning question on the minds of many one day after one very lucky person won the $1.3 billion lotto jackpot at a gas station outside Chicago, Illinois.

Speedway’s gas station is located in Des Plaines, home to just 60,000 residents. The station is located near O’Hare International Airport, and one rumor making the rounds is that the winner is an American Airlines flight attendant.

It could mean that the winner may be from any part of the world because the gas station lies so close to an airport. The tips of experts are helpful for anyone who wins the incredible jackpot.

The winner should take a picture with their winning ticket. That way, if the ticket is ever lost, they will have proof of having won.

To ensure its security, the ticket should be placed in a safe or bank deposit box.

Walt Blenner is a lottery expert and said that winning players should not present themselves until they have built a team of advisors including a lawyer or accountant.

Other tips include making a list of financial goals, changing one’s phone number to avoid unwanted calls and to set up a P.O. Mailbox for mail. Box for mail.

Lotto winners from Illinois can request anonymity. We may never know who has just become a billionaire in an instant.