Experts warn you how to avoid the flu this year


This year’s flu season is expected to be severe, as cases are already spiking across the nation, where officials are reporting high infection rates.

Social media is being used by those affected to remind others to be cautious. 

“Y’all need to please stay healthy because this is terrible,”One person was posted.  

As Australia is experiencing its worst flu season in five years, U.S. health experts are looking at Australia. They have already predicted how severe it will be because they had their flu season in April. According to authorities, Australia suffered its worst flu season in five decades.  

Last week, a homecoming dance held at a San Diego highschool turned into a super-spreader event that infected 850 students.  

“There were TikToks going viral joking that there was something in the lemonade at homecoming, a variation of the plague,”Inside Edition: Senior Calista Long  

A flu outbreak at nearby Patrick Henry High School started last Monday, doubled by Wednesday, and by Friday, more than half the student body—1,400 students –were out sick. 

“I’m predicting a very severe flu season,”Inside Edition heard Dr. Eric Ascher, a Lenox Hill Hospital family physician, speak out. “Over the past two years, with masking and social distancing, we haven’t seen much flu, but now our bodies are going to be more susceptible.” 

What can people do to be safe? 

“It’s so important if you are not feeling well, don’t go outdoors, no group settings,”Ascher said. “Getting vaxxed is the most important thing.” 

The flu vaccine this year contains four flu strains that experts believe are currently in circulation. “This year they nailed it,”Ascher stated.

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