Exploring The Gossip About Angelina Jolie’s Recent Dating Life, Including Two Supposed Breakups


Angelina JolieTabloid coverage continues to be centered on Brad Pitt’s split in 2016. Rumours about her next romance interest have swirled ever since Brad Pitt and Jolie separated in 2016. Jolie can’t even walk outside without a front page in some tabloid, so it’s hard to imagine she could date anyone without the world knowing. Let’s look at a few of these rumors about Jolie’s love life.

Dumped by The Weeknd

According to StarJolie was struggling to hold it together after being dumped off by The Weeknd. Jolie was apparently humiliated when he was seen with DJ Simikhadra. A source explained, “It took a lot of courage for her to get back out there after being single for so long, and now he’s gone and left her—for a younger woman, no less. Her ego is bruised.”

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The Weeknd must first date Jolie before he can dump Jolie. Although they were seen having dinner together several times, that was all. Sources at the time stated that “They have mutual interests and are enjoying putting their ideas together to see what they can come up with.” It wasn’t romantic, so this heartbreak never happened.

Jonny Lee Miler Dumped

Jolie is still friends with her ex husband. HackersJohnny Lee Miller is his co-star. Per StarMiller dropped her shortly after The Weeknd dropped her. “Johnny isn’t interested in anything permanent,”A source stated. “Angelina was left stranded.”Her complex custody battle proved to be a turnoff for many men. And her insatiable lust made it intimidating in bed.

Again, we reminded them that Miller and Jolie had never been confirmed as dating. They were spotted a few times, but that’s it. She was portrayed by the outlet as being desperate for a man, even though she seems to be doing well on her own. Her intimate preferences were a complete sham.

Begging Salma Hayek For Help

It was StarJolie announced again that Salma Hayek was helping her find a man. The stars met filming The EternalsJolie was able to ask Hayek for help, “Angie envies how Salma found herself a worldly soulmate and would love that type of guy for herself,”An insider claimed. Hayek was diligent in finding Jolie dates.

When is StarJolie will be left alone? It’s so obsessed with her bedroom that it’s just inventing stories out of thin air. It couldn’t provide any evidence that Hayek was helping Jolie or that she was seeking help from anyone. Jolie’s focused on motherhood and philanthropy, so romance is obviously not a high priority at this stage of her life.