Exploring The Gossip Around Michael B. Jordan’s Supposedly Brutal Breakup With Lori Harvey


Michael B. JordanAnd Lori HarveyThey are no longer together. After 18 months of dating, the couple have split. Rumours suggest that neither of them are enjoying their relationship. Here’s what we know.

‘Michael & Lori: Battle After Breakup’

According to StarHarvey and Jordan will not be divorcing. “Lori definitely made her feelings clear when she deleted Michael from her Instagram account,”A source claims that Jordan has not removed any photos. Jordan has yet to remove any photos, implying he’s not over the relationship. 

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“Lori is eager to prove she’s ready to move on,”An insider’s view. “She doesn’t need any reminders of Michael.” Lori’s father Steve has already lauded the pair for splitting up on Instagram instead of in a courtroom. He joked about it. Steve Harvey Morning Show, “This going-to-court is costly.”

Just Give Michael B. Jordan A Minute…

Oh, the dangers that print media presents. StarThe story was released on Friday. Jordan had died before the next issue could be published. Lori was wiped from Instagram. He may have needed to process it for a few more days, or perhaps the directive took just a few days before it reached his social media team. Whatever the reason, Lori as well as Jordan have deleted all of their Instagrams.

The tabloid exaggerates the severity of this split. In large pink letters, the title reads “BATTLE AFTER BREAKUP.”It is more than a sign that they are making a spectacle out of their split. Wiping photos from Instagram is the lowest level of conflict that exes can engage publicly.

Take Kanye West’s handling of his split. Amber Rose and he ended their relationship with such volatility. Rose exposed publicly his sexual desires. West has also publicly threatened violence against Pete Davidson amidst his divorce from Kim Kardashian, not to mention his numerous outbursts on social media directed Kardashian’s way. 

Robin Thicke once dedicated an entire album for Paula Patton’s ex-wife, but she kept silent. These are terrible breakups. Every day thousands of couples are seen swiping Instagram. It’s a rite of passage for breakups in this millenium. Jordan and Lori are probably going through a hard time privately as you would expect after years of dating, but they’ve publicly stayed civil.

Many Rough Splits

Whenever Star claims to have insight into a couple’s life, it’s usually full of it. It claimed Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi would split up, yet they’re still married. The same goes for Reese Witherspoon and the tabloid’s story of her impending split from Jim Toth, as well as for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. These “insiders” clearly don’t know anything.

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