Explosive Bomb Cyclone Forms in U.S. With Glacial Temps & Brutal Winds, Set to Disrupt Holiday Tourism


Get ready to hunker down with family this holiday weekend because the mother of all winter storms is preparing to make this a very white, frosty and windy Christmas.

The reappearance of the dreaded bomb cyclone will fuel this cold front, bringing with it life-threatening cold, brutal winds, and icy conditions on the roadways.

Everybody will be affected as temperatures drop below freezing in all states in the US and up to 165 million Americans may experience a bomb cycle within the next week. 

Some people are also concerned about their travel plans. But there are solutions.

At the moment, all major airlines are allowing guests to change their flights free of charge. 

The majority of people will travel by vehicle, with an estimated 102,000,000 Americans traveling at one time or another.

Inside Edition’s Peter Greenberg, a travel expert, says that drivers must be prepared and cautious on the roads.

“Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Make sure your batteries are in good shape. Put the new windshield wipers on your vehicle and top off the windshield washer fluid,” Greenberg says. “Have an emergency kit in your vehicle that has a jumper, cables, and blankets and basic tools.”

Greenberg adds: “And probably the most important thing that you should have when you hit the road is a charged cell phone. So you can call for help in case something happens.”

Also, the bomb cyclone could affect cargo so that gifts may not be delivered on time. Shipping window closing in states that allow delivery is possible 

Snowed-in people are advised to watch out for their neighbors. 

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