FAA investigates Failed Red Bull Midair Pilot-Swapping Stunt after Plane Crash


Federal Aviation Administration is investigating Red Bull’s failed stunt, in which two pilots attempted to change planes mid-air.

Andy Farrington and Luke Aikins were cousins who flew over Arizona’s desert at 14,000 feet. They then took their planes to a nosedive and leapt out in the daring stunt, which was broadcast live on Hulu.

One of the pilots was almost hit by the second plane after they made the jump. However, he managed to climb into the cockpit to take command.

The pilot in front of him was not near the plane he was supposed dive into. After freefalling at 140 miles an hour, he finally deployed his parachute.

Both pilots were able to safely land on the ground, without being injured.

Inside Edition was informed by the FAA that the FAA denied the request of the organizers to be exempt from federal safety regulations. The stunt continued regardless. 

According to reports, the FAA could fine pilots, ground them or revoke licenses. The investigation into the accident will take some time.


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