Face Behind Hamster on ‘The Masked Singer’ Could Be Someone You Know!


Following Hamster’s standout first performance and clues, the judges had a few guesses as to who could be behind the mask. Judge Ken Jeong guessed Brendan Fraser or Bill Murray, while Jenny McCarthy gravitated towards the fish clue and guessed Albert Brooks, who voiced Marlin in Finding Nemo.

She also said the singer’s voice sounded like it could be Kelsey Grammar, Tim Allen, or Andy Richter. Nicole Scherzinger said it could be Jack Black. Many fans think the identity of Hamster is comedian Rob Schneider. The 57-year-old was born in San Francisco, where Alcatraz island is located.

Hamster’s clue locker contained a baseball bat. Fans of the Saturday Night Live alum may remember that Rob starred in the 2006 comedy baseball film The Benchwarmers.

However, there is some contention among fans who think Gabriel Iglesias is behind the Hamster mask, especially for the Hamster’s remark that the celebrity underneath is “shaped like a hamster.” Gabriel refers to himself as “Fluffy” to occasionally poke fun at his weight. There is also a running gag on social media that the Hamster is John Stamos.

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