Facebook Messenger scammers use a new dangerous ‘look’ to pretend that friends are real


A new Messenger scam is being investigated by people pretending to be friends on Facebook. This could lead to thousands of Facebook users losing their bank details or private information.

Spam messages starting with the phrase are sent via popular chat app. “Look what I found”These messages are being sent all over the messaging app. They are often accompanied by a variety of emojis as well as an innocent-looking URL link.

This link will take you to a questionable website where you’ll be asked to login to Facebook. Scammers will then use your information to install viruses on victims or steal their private information.

Lots of phishing scams start with a message from a friend
A friend sending a message is a common way to start phishing scams.

This isn’t just a Facebook phishing scam. It also exploits the trust of friends by making them click on links sent from friends’, rather than strangers.

In one scam, an account pretending to be a friend sends a message to the intended victim. It includes either a photo or a video, and then asks the recipient whether it is them.

The real situation is that the hacker sent a malicious file to you, imitating your friend.

Never open unusual links or files
Never open files or links that are not standard.

You should never open these files. This could lead you to a number of websites that could infect you computer with malicious software.

Phishing refers to an online fraud in which hackers pretend to be friends or relatives and ask for personal data that could compromise your account and device.

It is always wise not to click on suspicious links or open phishing emails. Don’t give out any private or confidential information to websites linked to by one of these messages.

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