FaceTime: Woman brutally stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife while horrified friend watched.


Lesley-Anne O’Connor, 33, of Edinburgh, Scotland, attacked “on-off”Daniel Vallance, partner, with a kitchen during an argument at his home. A friend watched via FaceTime.

A woman attacked her boyfriend by cutting his leg, and a friend who was shocked watched via video.

Lesley-Anne O’Connor stuck a kitchen knife into her “on-off”Daniel Vallance was her partner during a row at home.

The attack, in Edinburgh, Scotland, was witnessed by Daniel’s childhood friend Emma who was talking to the couple over FaceTime, reports Daily Record.

She watched the pair screaming and shouting at each other before O’Connor lunged at the victim with the blade.

The 33-year-old defendant appeared at the city’s sheriff court yesterday and plead guilty to a charge of assault to injury.

Callum Thomson, fiscal deputy, said that Daniel and the accused were together for three years. However, they now live separately.

Mr Thomson said it was about 6.30pm on December 1 last year when O’Connor returned with Daniel to her home in the capital city’s Old Town area.

According to the prosecution, Daniel spoke on FaceTime with Emma during a conversation. “casual and light-hearted conversation”.

A dispute broke out between the couple, according to the court. “unclear”Reasons Emma called Emma back via FaceTime around 7.20pm.

Mr Thomson said O’Connor had punched Daniel in the face and he appeared on camera with blood on him.

He said: “(Emma) observed the accused and (Daniel) screaming and shouting at each other.

“(Daniel) grabbed the accused and told her to “stop it”.

“The accused was then observed lunging at (Daniel) with a kitchen knife and stabbed him on the leg.”

According to Daniel, the court found him. “kick the accused off him”He fled to the outside, where he called a taxi.

Mr Thomson said Daniel’s mum phoned O’Connor who told her: “I just stabbed him but he kicked me. I punched him in the mouth and I think I’ve broken his tooth.

“He’s on his way over to you. I think he’s walking.”

O’Connor was arrested by cops who came to her home at 8pm, Mr Thomson added, and the knife was recovered.

He claimed that Daniel sustained two lacerations to his right leg, one to the right calf, and one to the right thigh.

Sheriff Nigel Ross deferred sentence on O’Connor until next month for reports.

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