Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Came Close To Splitting?


Are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw renewing their vows? One tabloid claims the country music duo wants to celebrate 25 years of marriage with an intimate ceremony. Let’s take a look at the rumor.

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill ‘Get The Last Laugh’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are planning to celebrate 25 years of marriage in a special way. According to the report, the couple’s “often-rocky marriage” is stronger than ever. “Tim and Faith have had their ups and downs,” a “close pal” dishes. “A lot of folks counted them out and this is their way of saying, ‘Nobody should have doubted us!’”

Apparently, the couple is planning to renew their vows in a private ceremony at their Nashville estate. “Their life together has certainly had a lot of twists and turns, but their love won out and their bond is stronger than ever,” another source reveals. The magazine notes that Hill and McGraw met while engaged to other people. “The two couples had even double-dated, but Time and Faith broke off their engagements, as painful as it was,” the insider explains. “Then they had to fast-track things because Faith was pregnant. Their shotgun wedding had a lot of people saying it wouldn’t last.”

And then the outlet claims they have “been brought to the brink of divorce” multiple times in the past. McGraw admitted in his 2019 memoir, Grit & Grace, that he had developed a dependency on alcohol in 2008 that impacted his marriage. But the singer cleaned up and has been sober ever since. “Tim and Faith have often been on the brink of splitting,” another “pal” confides. “But they’ve always managed to pull it together — and think that’s worth celebrating!”

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Back From The Brink?

While we don’t doubt the couple plans to celebrate their anniversary in their own special way, there’s no evidence to suggest they are planning a vow renewal. Besides, we seriously doubt that the tabloid’s “insiders” and “pals” of the couple are genuine. These sources take every possible chance to undercut the sincerity of Hill and McGraw’s marriage.

If these were true friends of the family, they wouldn’t be so eager to bring up the couple’s unconventional start or McGraw’s struggle with alcoholism. They even throw a bit in there about the couple’s competing egos. This report is obviously a backhanded compliment on the tabloid’s part, and we aren’t falling for it.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill seem to be doing just fine. For Hill’s 54th birthday last month, McGraw posted a sweet tribute to his wife that included a snippet of him gushing about her in a 2001 interview. McGraw stitched the video with a clip of him saying, “Hey, baby. I still feel the same way even more so,” adding, “I wouldn’t change anything for the world, and I love you.” While people may have doubted their relationship at one point, no one can deny the pair is still crazy about each other all these years later.

The Tabloid On Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

This isn’t the first time we’ve busted the National Enquirer for lying about Hill and McGraw. Back in 2019, the outlet claimed Hill was writing a memoir to one-up her husband’s book. Then the tabloid reported McGraw had relapsed and ruined his marriage. And more recently, the magazine alleged Hill was “insanely jealous” of McGraw’s acting success. Clearly, the Enquirer can’t be trusted when it comes to the country duo.