Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Respond to the Devastating 1883 Finale


Warning: The following contains spoilers about the 1883 season 1 finale.

It turns out Faith Hill Tim McGrawFans of their hit TV show are just as excited as they are 1883—because they couldn’t make it through the finale without crying, either!

On February 27, Elsa Dutton, daughter of Paramount+’s creator, died. Isabel MayAfter being shot with an arrow in episode 02/20/08, he died. Isabel died in the arms of her father (McGraw) arms after an emotional goodbye to her mother (Hill). 

Country legends shared their secrets about preparing for episodes and explained why it all ended up in the trash for the finale. “When we got the final two, we literally couldn’t read them to each other because we were crying so much—I mean, ugly, boohoo crying,” McGraw told Variety. “I was a blubbering idiot.”

Actors and a real couple had a tradition of reading out the scripts aloud to one another throughout the season. The emotional intensity of the material made this impossible. “He [McGraw] couldn’t read it because he was bawling,”Hill was revealed. “It took me about an hour to read it to him because most of the time, I couldn’t catch my breath I was crying so hard.”