Faith Hill Weeps during Celebration in Honor of Loretta Lynn


Faith Hill took to the stage for an emotional tribute to Loretta Lynn. Hill and Tim McGraw, Hill’s spouse, honored the singer in CMT’s tribute. Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Celebration of the Life & Music of Loretta Lynn on Oct. 30. They joined Lynn’s family and country music stars at Opry, less than a month following her death on Oct. 4. Hill was able to recall meeting Lynn 30 years ago backstage at Opry. “It is our honor and privilege to be here close to where our dear friendship began,”Hill stated. “And to celebrate this extraordinary woman and her remarkable life.”Hill and McGraw praised Lynn’s ability and talent to write songs for and about women. “Lynn was unabashedly honest about hardships and joys of being a wife and mother, a woman loving life — loving, lying, cheating, having babies, not having babies…she sang about it all,”Hill stated. “She was fierce and proud of who she was, where she came from, and how she lived her life.”

McGraw called Lynn a “trailblazer”, and he appreciated her efforts in opening the way for his daughters and wife. Hill said, “She didn’t push boundaries for women in country music, she shredded them. She gave us this bold new space to find our own way to dream and soar into the music we make, the careers, and lives we have. She was always good, kind, and supportive of all of us. Every single person in this room has a story they could share. She was so dang wise and funny.”Hill, after having fought back the tears, paused for a moment. “I am honored to have been in your presence, Loretta,”She ended her remarks. “I am grateful to have had so many memories with you. I am proud to be a woman in country music, proud to be a mom, I am proud to have the privilege of following you down the musical path you blazed for all of us.” 

Hill posted tributes to Lynn on social media after his death. “Loretta Lynn was and always will be a national treasure,”She captioned An Instagram photoLynn and her. “She not only ‘pushed the envelope’ as the old saying goes…this woman was the envelope filled with stories of life. A real life, as a woman. What it meant to be a woman. To be a wife, to be a mother. Speaking plainly, truth telling, you know…the real s—. So, by the time her undeniably trail blazing testimonies reached the airways, that thing the music industry described as ‘pushing the envelope,’ Loretta had established herself as an original. The original.”Lynn passed away on October 4, at the age 90.

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