Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Wows in Wicked Song with Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


Gracie McGrawHas a great set of pipes.

The daughter of country stars Tim McGrawAnd Faith Hill took to Instagram to show off her vocal talent, performing “I’m Not That Girl”From the musical Wicked

In the videoGracie, casually dressed in an oversized sweater and belting out the ballad made famous by Idina Menzel She was Elphaba the witch in the Broadway production of the musical in 2003.

“S**ts sad y’all,”The clip was captioned by her. “Hit me in the feels. Been there. Relate.”

Gracie added, “Wicked will always remain the top 5.”

The performance received tons of praises in the comments section, even from the actress/musician Rita WilsonThe writer, “Well this is gorgeous.”

This isn’t the first time the 25-year-old has paid tribute to WickedSocial media. Gracie was back in 2020 posted a jaw-dropping performanceThis is “The Wizard and I”As part of her Instagram account, she has a musical version. “Showtunes Sunday.”