Family Facebook page has fans howling over X-rated ‘canal adventures’ spelling mistake


A Facebook page that promotes parenting and child-friendly activities raised eyebrows when accidentally plugging ‘anal adventures’ in a post about going on a canal barge.

The accidental omission of the ‘c’ in the word ‘canal’ gave the innocent post a slightly more X-rated spin that caught the attention of Facebook users who flooded to the comments section to point it out.

“Have you ever considered anal adventures?” the post from Days Out Now read, instead of ‘canal adventures’.

The post continued: “One-day hire options provide enough fun for everyone – whether you’re a group of friends or work colleagues on a team building day or a couple looking to be more adventurous.

"Have you ever considered anal adventures?" the post from Days Out Now read, instead of 'canal adventures'.
“Have you ever considered anal adventures?” the post from Days Out Now read

“Kick back and relax for the day as you enjoy watching Britain’s best kept secret unfold before your very eyes.”

The post was liked over four thousand times and had more than four thousands comments and three thousand shares.

“IT WON’T LET ME EDIT IT!!” the page admin added later on.

“Canal adventures are so very different to anal ones although each to their own,” added one person in response to the post.

Another person said: “I always wanted a holiday on one of those boats – didn’t know it might be like that!!!!”

A third person took it to another level, jesting: “Sounds like fun, I hope there are many passages to explore! Not sure many could handle the needs of 12 people though! That’s a bit of a stretch. Do you also do water sports?”

The next post on Days Out Now was a very innocent one about Stanwick Lakess, a country park on the outskirts of the village of Stanwick, approximately 15 miles north-east of Northampton, Northamptonshire.