Family finds a Note from Dad in Beekeeping Gear 9 years after he died


A daughter posted a note that her family had left on Twitter nine years after her father’s death. It was a touching post that brought out the love of the internet and caused them to burst into tears.

Amy Clukey is an English professor at University of Louisville in Kentucky. She didn’t know that her simple post would get more than 789,000 Likes and over 45,000 Retweets.

She posted the note this week under the headline “Note from my dad found in his beekeeping equipment nine years after his death. He is missed.”

Instantaneously, the buzz was palpable.

“What a treasure. I hope someday I find a note from my Dad like that,”One woman wrote it.

“I am crying,”One more.

Clukey stated that Rick Clukey had written the note in 2012. Clukey claimed that Clukey was writing the note at the time when doctors advised him not to have much time. Her father, who died of lung cancer at the age of 53, was her mother. Six children survived him.

Her younger brother found the message written in pencil on a piece paper that was torn from a notepad. It boasted of the services of a Pennsylvania lumberyard. The missive was among his tools in beekeeping.

His daughter stated that Rick Clukey looked after his children on a large farm.

“Since this is being picked up by media, I should say: my dad’s name is Rick Clukey. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 53 from lung cancer. He has six children. I’m the eldest. My youngest brother Liam found the note. My sister Emily plans on beekeeping when she buys a house,”She wrote it on Twitter.

The note stated that he hoped that his children would continue in his footsteps as beekeepers, but the father’s last words would work for any legacy or vocation.

“Bees make more products than just honey and as a hobby, it can be a source of extra income. So do not be afraid, have courage. Good luck,”The letter was concluded. He signed the letter by writing. “Love, Dad.”

Emily Clukey replied to many of those who wrote her notes on Twitter. Several shared that they, too, had fathers who died young from a terminal illness.

“Losing someone to cancer is terrible,”The daughter responded to only one writer. “But it does allow a bit of time to think about one’s legacy.”