Family Gifted Custom “Encanto” Dress by Disney Costumers for a 9-Year Old Uvalde Victim


It’s a special gift for a family in grief.

Ellie Garcia, who was killed in the Uvalde elementary school massacre in Texas, died from her love for the movie. “Encanto.” 

Now, Disney is honoring her memory with a custom dress of the little girl’s favorite character Isabella, who famously sings “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”The film.

“We want to thank the Disney costume team for giving us this,”The family stated.

Ellie enjoyed dancing and shared a special bond of affection with her father. Her 10th Birthday would have fallen on Saturday.

Adassa, the actress who played Dolores in this movie, also sent a video message to the family.

“Instead of leaving a happy birthday message wishing her many, many more years to come or singing her favorite song, I now leave this video as a condolence for your loss,”She spoke.

Disney also sent the Garcias a swatch of the fabric and flowers used to create Ellie’s dress, so they can hold onto them for comfort in the future. 

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