Fans and co-workers agree, Michael Strahan is a ‘fedorable” in a stylish hat


Michael Strahan made waves among his friends and followers after posting a selfie where he’s rocking a pretty distinctive accessory. His Good Morning America co-host Lara SpencerOne of many people who shared their approval was me. 

Strahan Shares ‘Fedorable’ Post

“Yo, do I look fedorable? LOLOL,”Strahan captioned Strahan’s selfie. It showed Strahan smiling at the camera while wearing a gray fedora. “Thank you to my man @leaf.livin for hooking it up!”He shouted out the creator of this hat. 

Fans loved the photo and filled the comment section with their love for the accessory. “Absolutely Fadorable!”One person wrote. Another person commented. “Looks fantastic. Like you could just walk on the set of “The Godfather”Fill in. You’re definitely a hat guy.” Others simply used flame and heart-eye emojis to compliment the morning show anchor. 

Strahan’s fans weren’t the only ones who loved the picture. ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo wrote, “Not the dad jokes tho.”Spencer was the co-host. “Why, yes you do.”

Strahan’s Love Of Fashion

The morning show host’s post isn’t a surprise to anyone who is a fan of his. Strahan is known for his love of fashion and fashionable outfits. Strahan recently shared his walk-in closet with Instagram followers. He showed them the glass cases in which he stores his vast shoe collection. 

“Check out a few of my kicks!” Strahan captioned Strahan’s video. “May be time to clear out a few. Who wears a size 14? Lol” Followers loved the inside look at the star’s wardrobe. One fan joked, “My son does! Please and thank you for a pair!” 

“I’m coming over and stealing,”Rodney Barnes is a crack screenwriter and producer. With his major love of fashion, it’s no surprise that Strahan has his own clothing line. The brand, sold through Men’s Wearhouse, sells suits, button-down shirts, and more. 

“This is called the get a compliment look… WHY you might ask?”He captioned an image of himself in a button-down, short-sleeved shirt with a patterned pattern. “Because every time I wear this shirt, I get a compliment on it! LOL”Strahan is a fan of eye-catching fashion, from his closet to his own clothing line. His latest “fedorable”Post shows that morning show hosts will attempt any look! 

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