Fans and Len Goodman Rolling for Tyra Banks


Dancing With the StarsFor Monday night’s Halloween special, things got spooky. The focus was on the haunting routines of the couples but viewers couldn’t help but pay attention to the interactions between Tyra and Banks. The episode featured Len Goodman appearing to shade Banks at one point. This had Twitter users rolling with laughter. 

After Goodman had shared his criticisms of Charli’s performance, the moment came into question. He said briefly that her performance was exceptional that it had taken him to Argentina. Banks was somewhat confused when he commented on his quip. Banks stated that Goodman was being transported to a club by the crowd and then made fun of him fist-bumping along to some music. Goodman claimed he didn’t understand Banks and shared a confused expression to his audience, while raising his hands. 

Banks sent D’Amelio home to collect her scores. Banks then walked up to the judges’ panel and explained what had happened to Goodman. “Oh I see.”Even though it was just a moment, Twitter users were quick to join the conversation and share their laughs. 


Others enjoyed the awkwardness of it all. According to this fan, “We feel you Len.”


You can’t go wrong with it

Many viewers believed that Goodman was a shaman. “tired”Banks He couldn’t understand her joke.



DWTSFans were astonished by the interaction between Goodman and Banks. They were stunned. “dead.”


You can relate

Goodman stated even that he didn’t get what Banks was saying. Some viewers don’t either.



Banks clearly misunderstood Goodman. Although all seemed to be well between them later, the fans couldn’t get enough.


A Question

Many people speculated about the relationship between Goodman Banks after this exchange. They want to know if there’s actually tension.


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