Fans are baffled when Demi Jones transforms her hair


After announcing a new hair color, Love Island’s Demi has been met with mixed reactions.

The style advisor from Southampton was photographed in a couple of different hair colors for TikTok Tuesday, March 22nd.

However, fans agreed that the 23 year-old should continue to wear her natural deep ginger shade. Some even claimed that they were jealous.

Demi, a self-aware woman, seemed to anticipate this response from her 6137,000 followers. She wrote in the caption: “When people ask why I will never dye my hair”This is accompanied by a smiling face and cold sweat emoji.

Love Island's Demi Jones debuted a shocking new blonde look in a TikTok video
Love Island’s Demi Jones debuted a shocking new blonde look in a TikTok video

One fan received 5,216 likes for her comment. “Brunette looks amazing but I love your natural hair.”

Demi might have just made her day when she replied to the message later and said: “Omg do you think so! I’m quite a dark ginger so it doesn’t look too extreme compared to the blonde.”

Another follower adoringly commented on their feelings of envy: “Brown looks nice but it’s got nothing on your natural hair. I seriously have hair envy every time I see you.”

A brunette look also popped up in the clip, where the stylist showed off different dyes
In the clip, a brunette style was also shown. The stylist used different dyes to create the look.

Some fans were more eager to see her transform into a brunette. One fan stated: “Girl. The brown hair.. makes your eyes pop!”

Demi said in an interview that she was’very happy’ with her new job.”learning to live with”Her side effects from battling thyroid cancer.

The TV personality, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, received the all-clear in December. She has since stated that her life will be better. “never be the same”.

But nearly everyone agreed that her natural ginger locks suited her best
Nearly everyone agreed that her natural ginger locks were her best option.

Demi told OK! : “The people I’ve spoken to with cancer, we always say there’s life before cancer and there’s life after cancer and it’s never the same.

“Your life must be divided into two sections. So I’m learning how to live with it. However, everything is going well.”

Demi announced she was free of cancer in December 2021, just seven months after being diagnosed.

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