Fans are in frenzy watching Ryan Reynolds react to Blake Lively wearing the Met Gala gown.


Blake Lively was stunning at the Met Gala wearing a stunning custom Versace colour-changing Versace dress that had Ryan Reynolds swooning as she stood on the steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Met Gala 2022: Blake Lively poses for Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds’s adorable reaction at Blake Lively’s dress reveal at Met Gala sent his fans wild.

Blake brings the Met the best looks – so we were not surprised that she took it out of her bag again this year.

Gossip Girls actress Gossip Girl, along with Ryan, co-chaired this year’s event. She stunned on the steps of Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a stunning custom Versace Versace dress. It was designed for the night’s theme: “In America: Anthology of Fashion” and the “Gilded Glamour” dress code.

This gorgeous copper strapless was paired with matching gloves, emerald earrings, and a delicate tiara.

Nothing could have prepared us to the unexpected surprise she would bring. Crew members appeared from nowhere to take the heavy bow off the dress, transforming it from pink to blue in a flash.

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The iconic, colour-changing dress stunned everyone. Ryan’s response was beyond words.

Ryan watched from afar, as the glam squad raced in to take off the bow. Ryan’s jaw dropped at the moment that the fabric from his sash revealed the second look for the night.

Later, he could be seen smiling proudly and clapping while the crowd applauded his impressive display.

Users on Twitter praised Ryan for his cute reaction. One user said: “If he doesn’t look at you the way RYAN looks at BLAKE, girl he is not the one’.

Another author wrote: “Ryan Reynolds’s reaction to the unveiling of the change to Blake Lively’s gown is EVERYTHING.”

A third comment: “Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are just [heat emojis]. The way he looks at her, and she’s just goals all over.”

Someone else put: “Ryan Reynolds reacting to Blake Lively’s dress reveal… put a fork in me… STOP BEING SO F****ING ADORABLE.”

On the red carpet, Blake explained the meaning behind the incredible dress — and why it fit with the theme of the gala perfectly.

“So I arrived in copper and then it [patinated] to a verdigris,” she said, referring to how copper turns green when exposed to oxide compounds — like on the Statue of Liberty.

“This is the constellation from Grand Central Station,” she said, as she pointed to one area of her dress. “This is architecture from the Empire State Building — the Statue of Liberty. It’s, you know, lots of little references to New York City,” she said, pointing to another.

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