Fans call out ‘Wheel Of Fortune” contestant to cut Pat Sajak off


A Wheel Of FortuneA contestant won a record-breaking amount of money. But, some viewers of the show are criticizing her for not being able to pay it. “rude”Long-term host Pat SajakDuring the process. Speech-language pathologist Jinger LoughShe was clearly thrilled to have made it to the bonus round. However, some fans felt she was wrong to do so with Sajak, even though she did win a huge cash prize. 

Big Win for Contestant at Wheel Of Fortune

The latest episode of Wheel Of Fortune Jinger Lough, a contestant, won over her fellow contestants to win $33,555 and advanced to the bonus round. She chose the “phrase”category, but Lough only chose one letter correctly when it came to picking her letters: her vowel. 

Host Pat Sajak was instantly nervous for the excited contestant, saying, ​​”Well, um, the bad news is, none of the consonants are there. Just those two O’s. I don’t know.” Though Sajak clearly thought Lough didn’t stand a chance at solving the puzzle, her mind was fast at work figuring it out. Sajak continued, “There’s the used letter board, you can-” but he was cut off by Lough, who’d figured out what the phrase was supposed to read with only two letters filled in. 

Pat Sajak Interrupted By Mega Winner

“On the bandwagon!”Lough stopped before Sajak had even a chance of starting the clock. That was the correct answer. When Sajak pulled out a golden envelope and opened it to reveal Lough’s bonus prize, it was revealed that the speech-language pathologist had won an additional $100,000, bringing her grand total of winnings to $133,555. 

Lough was clearly over-the-moon about her win, revealing on Twitter that she’d kept the golden envelope that revealed her grand prize winnings, and that she’d even gotten it signed by Vanna White and Sajak. Lough was mocked by fans who were watching from home, but the online response was far more funny than incensed.

While there was some tittering over the way Lough interrupted Sajak, most understood that she was likely feeling huge waves of excitement over figuring out the puzzle and solving it correctly despite only having two O’s to work with. When your adrenaline is pumping and you know you’ve only got a few seconds to win an amount of money that could change your life, you’re bound to be a bit overexcited. 

The response to this understandable momentary slip of good manners was quite small. Sajak used his Twitter account to criticize viewers for treating a contestant who couldn’t solve a simple puzzle. This lecture was hopefully a wakeup call for some people who needed to learn how to forgive mistakes and give grace to others.

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