Fans gutted for bloke who missed Dragon’s Den knockout pitch coz of wedding day


Dragon’s Den fans have expressed their pity for an entrepreneur who missed his big pitch on the BBC show after it fell on his wedding day.

As eager gaming gurus Dan Wiseman and Joe Mills began pitching their play-at-home immersive mystery puzzle games, the duo informed the Dragon’s that their equal partner Tristan was unable to make the show due to his nuptial duties.

Fans felt more sympathy for the man missing from the wedding after his best friend admitted that he had not performed his duties as a groomsman to be on the show.

“There are three of us but our friend Tristan couldn’t be here today as he’s getting married.

Fans were gutted for the missing groom after his pals skipped their best man duties to appear on the show instead
After his best man duties were canceled, the show’s producers left fans devastated.

“We’ve foregone best man duties to be here today in the den pitching our business,” the pair told a shocked audience, as they asked for £75k in exchange for 7.5% of their gaming business.

Tristan was greeted by sympathic fans who took to Twitter to express their sympathy and to commiserate with him about the missed opportunity and the loss his two best friends on this special day.

Dan and Joe went on to pitch their award winning mystery puzzle game The Detective Society without their pal
Joe and Dan went on to pitch the award winning mystery puzzle game The Detective Society, without their pals

“Forgone best man duties… He ain’t a best man then…I’m OUT #dragonsden,”One viewer was horrified.

An additional congratulations to Tristan! Shame about your mates tho.”

A third of the participants agreed to: “Tristan’s wedding date is a bummer! Poor guy. An no best men, what a bummer!”The sad face emoji is next.

Joe and Dan went on to pitch their award-winning mystery puzzle game, The Detective Society.

You will find clues like maps and other evidence in the game boxes. They claim that this creates a challenge. “fully immersive experience for the player and makes them feel like a real detective.”

Sara Davies ultimately partnered up with fellow Dragon Deborah Meaden
Sara Davies teamed up eventually with Dragon Deborah Meaden

Dragon Sara Davies, an experienced investor in virtual escape room concepts, was eager to see if the concept could become a successful business.

It wasn’t a total loss for Tristan who will be pleased to find out that Sara ultimately partnered up with fellow Dragon Deborah Meaden, with both investors bagging a 12.5% stake in the business after putting up half the money each.

“Smashing pitch. At least they missed their best mate’s wedding for a win!”A viewer commented on the deal.

Elsewhere on the episode viewers saw Molly Masters pitch her female led reading subscription box Books That Matter, and Peter Waine try his luckwith ökoform – a business that makes heated desks – to the five fiery investors, thought both were unsuccessful in bagging a deal.

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