Fans of ‘Better call Saul’ are on an emotional roller coaster over the latest episode’s heartbreaking death


Better Call Saul’s latest episode brought the story of another character to an end in bloody fashion. However, it wasn’t as planned. It is safe to say that many characters who have survived in the show are still alive. Better Call SaulThe sunrise is not possible during the Breaking Bad period.

We know that a few names, such as Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut will remain safe for now. Gus Fring will still be available to continue the story with Walter White or Jesse Pinkman. However, the originals have won over their fans. Better Call SaulThey aren’t always as secure. It is dangerous to interfere in the affairs of a drug cartel.

Spoilers for Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 3.

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Fans knew Nacho was going to be a short-lived guest on the series, but they didn’t anticipate the ending. Nacho is still reeling from his encounters with the Salamanca relatives that terrorized Breaking Bad. His escape vehicle crashes, he hides inside an abandoned oil tanker and finally finds peace after saying goodbye to the father. This sets the tone for what’s next, but not without one last twist.

Nacho is beaten to death by Gus Fring, Juan Bolsa, and Hector Salamanca in a tense meeting. He is aware he has reached his end, and he has been beaten to pulp. But he is soon told that there are good options for him. Bolsa said the line to Nacho almost as if he was telegraphing that Nacho would choose his destiny from whatever hand he had been dealt.

Fans were shocked and heartbroken that Nacho had ended his story without bending to his enemies. Although he couldn’t escape from the cartel, he had one last laugh at his enemies. Scroll down for the best reactions to Better Call Saul’s final episode.

The End of the Mess

Most fans are finally coming to terms what happened and how it happened with Nacho. Many fans grew to hate characters they’ve seen lose yet again. That’s a good sign. Others were mad that their favorite wasn’t in the story. Better Call Saul. “Nacho was probably one of my favorite characters in this series AND from Breaking Bad… I am at a loss for words,”Another fan summarised it well.


We’ll be there for you

Fans are not happy about the interruptions to the scene caused by the advertisements. “All these commercials break up the beautiful story they are working on the mood goes from Land Rover to wait is nacho going to die!?!”A fan complained on social media about the incident.


This is not the way it should be!

Another fan believed in Mike’s rescue and expressed his disappointment. “Na ain’t no way Nacho is gonna go out like that… Mike gots him.”We don’t know his father, but we do know that he is a man who keeps his word.


Coming to Terms

“I was hoping we’d get to spend more time with Nacho, but this is just… a lot,”Another fan wrote. We are not allowed to decide how much time with our fictional characters. We are subject to the dictates of actors and writers. But that’s the reason rewind exists.


All of a sudden!

“Waitttt no way they’re doing this right now?!! Nacho?!!”After realizing that Nacho was going to be killed in the final episode, a third reacts. No one is safe when the future steamrolls into the past.


Bruised or Used

“Again. Say buh-bye to Nacho’s pretty face. Hopefully, it’s not permanently,”After Nacho was defeated by Mike in the first meeting, another participant was added.


Happy Ending

“Please tell me Nacho gets a happy ending,”One fan wrote. Vince Gilligan’s world is not filled with happy endings. Only those who survive are truly happy. Nacho isn’t one of those people.