Fans rallied around Mayim bialik after she spoke out about being insulted


Few talk show hosts are subjected more to online hatred than the ones who host them. Mayim Bialik. She has a difficult job: she must succeed Alex TrebekWhile being constantly compared to other people Jeopardy!Host an Ken Jennings. She’s opening up about the abuse, and fans are starting to rally behind her.

Mayim Bialik Opens Up

Hosts are not the only benefits Jeopardy!Producing and starring in Call me KatProducing, directing and editing the film As They Made UsBialik has two children and is a podcaster. You can read more Bialik BreakdownShe welcomes Dustin Hoffman’s friends and stars to her. Big Bang Theory co-star Simon Helberg. Last week, she welcomed DodgeballJustin Long is the star of the show.

Long, a podcaster himself, turned the tables on Bialik by asking her about her. Jeopardy! job. He wondered aloud if anyone tells her that she’s better than Jennings. Bialik replied, “Sometimes, and sometimes I get ‘We don’t prefer you to Ken.”Bialik, Long and Long discussed the strange nature of Hollywood’s fan interaction. “Like ‘I saw you in magazine. I was very confused. You looked pretty.’ I get that a lot,”She spoke.

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Long added his own anecdote. “This sounds like I’m bragging but,”Justin got started. “You’re better looking in person?!”Bialik was so familiar with this sentiment, he helped Bialik finish the sentence.

Comments are divided

While the comments in the Instagram snippet seem to be divided, many are still supporting Bialik. “Wow!!! The fact they don’t find that insulting, tells you cloth they’re cut from,”One commenter said. Another voted for her to be the ideal. Jeopardy! host: “Is this the proper place to say I prefer you as Jeopardy host?”

People took the clip, on the other hand, as an opportunity to trash Bialik. “Ask any teacher we are insulted DAILY by politicians, the media and ESPECIALLY PARENTS….and we don’t millions of dollars,”One critic wrote. Another person shared a personal story. “I remember meeting her in person, and it was the worst time I met a celebrity.”

It’s not an easy job

Whether you’re a fan of Bialik’s or not, there’s no denying that she faces an uphill battle. Jeopardy!Fans are quick to draw comparisons between her and Trebek. Trebek didn’t get criticized over his clothes. He was free to call the categories whatever he liked while Bialik’s verbiage is always under a microscope. At least she can make fun of some of the hate.

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