Fans swarm Lupita Nyongo’s Adventurous Snack Selection


Lupita Nyong’oSome fans were enthralled by her recent Instagram post! The actress revealed the adventurous snack she chowed down on, and her comments were full of people who couldn’t believe what she ate. 

Nyong’o Calls Ant Snack ‘Really Good!’

“You can call me Ant-Woman!!,” Nyong’o captioned a video of herself eating a slice of mango—covered in ants! The actress was wearing a light pink jumpsuit with one shoulder and ate the snack.

“It was really good!”As she chewed on the mango piece, she said. “It’s not even crunchy or anything.” While Nyong’o might have enjoyed her ant-seasoned mango slice, her Instagram followers were not fans of the adventurous snack. 

Fan Reactions ‘[It] Looks Like It Dropped Under The Fridge’

Nyong’o’s Contact UsWinston Duke made fun of costars “What is u doin baybeh…what you eating ants fohhh?!! This is ant-agonizing me…I’m feeling antsy…what would yo aunt say…my antena is going crazyyy…”

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Gabrielle Dennis, an actress, wrote “On purpose??? I would’ve definitely assumed the waiter dropped mine and I would’ve asked for a new one…maybe I don’t get out enough but YOU at least look great lol.”

“Well can you come eat the ones on my porch,”One fan laughed. Another wrote, “idk sis. look like it dropped under the fridge.” While many poked fun at the actress’ choice of food, others were fans of the snack. 

“I hear they taste lemony!”One person wrote. “Most of the world eats bugs outside of large western nations.”Another one was asked: “Talk to me. Was it good ?”Someone else wrote. “Excellent! I’ve had ant eggs (escamoles) but not a grown ant. Were they nutty in flavor?”

The World-Famous Ant-Serving restaurant

So, where was Nyong’o sampling this ant-flavored food? The actress was in Los Angeles at Noma for a gala event. Nova is run by chef René Redzepi, and It is considered one of the finest restaurants in the country by many.

Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark is the original. It serves ants with shrimp and beef tartare in some dishes. While the diners at Noma might be used to eating ant-flavored food, it looks like most of Nyong’o’s Instagram followers won’t be sampling the dishes any time soon. 

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