Farrah Abraham Tearfully Describes Her Feeling Suicidal After Being Arrested


Farrah Abraham is struggling with her mental state after she was arrested earlier in the month for alleged sexual assault. The Teen Mom star told TMZShe was going to Los Angeles this weekend, packing her belongings and leaving after she was taken into custody Jan. 15, for allegedly punching a security guard at a Hollywood bar and restaurant following an altercation.

Abraham told the court that she is facing a misdemeanor charge for battery when she appears in court on May 5. TMZShe has had a loss of function in her upper right side since the incident. Abraham claimed she was being emotional and retorted that she was. “attacked and illegally cuffed to some guy”During the incident.

“I’m trying to stay positive about it because I was really suicidal this week,”She said. “It’s just sad, like, losing function. I’m going to cry. I’m so sorry.”Abraham said that Abraham was referring to the person who “attacked”She identified the attacker as a woman but was not able to identify the attacker. In the incident, no other person was taken into custody.

MTV’s alumna continued to say that she was “working so hard”Over the past two weeks, she has been very kind to herself. “It’s just really hard,”She said. “I was supposed to travel and do comedy this year. It’s just like, I’m scared of people right now.”Sophia, 12, and the reality star will be moving out of California for a fresh start. “I love to move. I love to travel,”She noted.

Abraham shared an Instagram video of her citizen being arrested, along with a description of her being cuffed outside. “I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered.”She stated that she was excited to go to court. “justice will be served as always.”

“I look forward to my law degree and I look forward to court,”She wrote. “Justice will be served as always. Woman it is a scary unsafe world we live in, act upon your rights and always care for others even when everyone hurts you and attacks you. You are resilient and you are stronger then all of the weak people out there who hurt and traumatize us.”

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273 TALK (8255) if you are in crisis. Or text TALK to 741-741 for the Crisis Text Line.

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