Farrah Abraham’s ‘Ghetto’ Comment to Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd Has Viewers Incensed


Farrah Abraham definitely made her presence known on Teen Mom: Family Reunion. The casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 didn’t take kindly to her arrival. Fans also weren’t on board with seeing the former Teen Mom OG star again. More specifically, they took her to task for calling Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd “ghetto.” Understandably, they didn’t hold back their feelings about her inappropriate comment. 

When Abraham first arrived on the scene, numerous cast members immediately voiced their issues with her presence. Wharton then confronted her and asked her whether she believes that he and Floyd had a baby to get on Teen Mom OG. In turn, she said that she does feel that way and said, “I guess I feel really ghetto, too, like that.” Of course, Wharton and Floyd, who are both Black, took issue with her referring to them as “ghetto” for welcoming their daughter, Ryder. Abraham later told the therapist at the retreat, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, that everyone now viewed her as “racist” because of her comment. Despite the fact that it’s 2022, she didn’t seem to be aware that calling a Black individual “ghetto” would be offensive. 

The fans definitely did not appreciate the way that Abraham tried to frame the situation after saying such an ignorant comment to Wharton and Floyd. Viewers promptly took their frustrations to Twitter to share their feelings on how the situation unfolded. 

Not Buying It

Many simply couldn’t believe that Abraham said that she didn’t fully understand why everyone would view her as “racist” after the incident. They’re not buying what she’s selling.



Fans immediately came to Wharton and Floyd’s defense amid the ordeal. As this user wrote, it was messed up to use the word in reference to them.


Can’t Take It

Viewers grew even more incensed after seeing Abraham defend her actions to Dr. Bryant, a Black woman. They want her return to be a short-lived one.


Taken Action?

Some fans believe that Abraham should have been removed after what she said. Clearly, it’s not sitting well with them.


Not OK

This viewer wrote that Abraham should have never used the word in the first place when referring to Wharton and Floyd. As they wrote, it sounded “racist af.”


Out Of Line

Abraham’s comment was too below the belt for some viewers. You simply “don’t call people ghetto.”


Farrah Speaks

After the episode aired, Abraham took to social media to release a statement. In her message, she called those associated with the show “deplorable” and even said that she’s taking a step away from the franchise, for good this time.