‘Fat Doctor’ slams Morrisons over bakery calorie labels


Morrisons Supermarkets was accused of fat shaming customers after it placed calorie warning labels on its shelves.

Dr Asher LarmieA user who goes under the Twitter name Fat Doctor UK posted a picture on social media that they took in the Morrison’s branch to see the new signage.

The label that they had seen was located in the bread section of the supermarket.

The large label inside a plastic sleeve is printed on a classic background of green. “Adults need around 2000kcal a day”.

And Dr Larmie wrote, in various tweets: “Shame on you @Morrisons.

“I don’t have a history of eating disorders and I don’t think I can cope with all this. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for someone with an eating disorder.

The new label has sparked outrage on social media
The social media outrage over the new label is evident

“Clearly they wanna be known as the ‘healthy’ shop. Suffice it to say I won’t be shopping there ever again.”

According to the NHS website the advice given by Morrison’s may not be entirely accurate.

The organization states that the 2,000-calorie figure for women is correct, but men require 2,500 calories.

Other Twitter users ridiculed the new store sign.

The "Fat Doctor" took the supermarket to task on Twitter
Twitter’s “Fat Doctor” took on the supermarket

@Tainkirrahe wrote: “Incredible how many businesses are prepared to throw people with disordered eating under the bus to appease a temporary ‘health’ craze, ignoring the advice of qualified nutritionists, dieticians, and medical staff as they do so.”

Jennifer Atkins also tweeted: “Bread was one of my ‘cheat’ foods prior to therapy.

“This would have sent me on a downwards spiral back then, and it makes me feel a little iffy now, too.”

A new law requiring take-outs, supermarkets, and cafes to show calorie information on their menus was enacted earlier this month.

The Silver Screen Beat contacted Morrisons for comment.

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