Father and 9-year-old daughter make the most of being stuck on a train for nearly 40 hours during a snowstorm


A snowstorm caused a father-daughter train ride to be canceled for 40 hours.

Isabella Thornton (9 years old) and Sean Thornton (10 years old) were both caught up in the snowstorm that decimated Virginia.

Sean posted video of their ill-fated journey inside their sleeper car from Atlanta to Charlottesville on Amtrak’s Crescent train #20 — a journey that should take only 10 hours.

The dad wrote the following Monday morning at 11:06 AM “We are nearing Virginia this morning as a snow storm descends on the East Coast. The snow is coming in sideways.”

An hour later, they were stopped on the track. “The mystery and adventure continues!” he said.

Finally moving again at 1:19 p.m., Sean posted another video of the conductor trying to keep passengers’ spirits up by telling them he hopes they are enjoying the view. 

But trouble soon returned.

“Snowstorm transportation catastrophe…what was supposed to be our little 10-hour overnight train trip home is now in its *24th hour* — and nothing’s moving…no food here since lunchtime yesterday,”Sean wrote at 12 :58 a.m. on Tuesday.

Inside Edition interviewed the father-daughter couple, who were both in good spirits and eager to spend more quality time together.

“All adventures as a parent are bonding experiences if you’re doing it right,” Sean said.

Inside Edition was informed by Amtrak that “service was disrupted this week by ongoing weather issues”And that they “were able to safely shelter the customers in place during this significant weather event, along with providing external food sources.”