Father’s Day: Zach Roloff, ‘Little People, Big World’ star, seems to be snubbing Matt


In the midst of all the troubles surrounding Roloff Farms it seems as though Zach Roloff may not have remembered to thank his father Matt Roloff on Father’s Day. InTouch Weekly In honor of the occasion, Zach didn’t post on social media Sunday. However, it is worth noting that there has been some conflict between the Little People, Big WorldThis is not surprising considering the stars surrounding Roloff Farms’ sale. 

While Zach was not on social media for Father’s Day his wife Tori Roloff was. Tori shared a lovely post in honor of her husband, with whom she shares three children — Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. In her Instagram Story, she shared a photo of Zach pushing the stroller and all three of their children inside it. Tori also wrote: “Daddin’ so hard this Father’s Day.”

Tori also posted a message to honor her father. She uploaded a photo she took with her dad at her 2015 wedding. “I love my dad.”While Tori’s posts were lovely to look at, many noticed Zach not sharing a post in tribute to his father, Matt. Roloff Farms has created tension between the father/son duo. Zach expressed an interest in purchasing a piece of the property, but Matt refused to sign off on it. 

“Knowing we want to grow our family, and Jackson and Lilah are getting older, we want to be somewhere that we can see our family a long time and where we’re at right now is not that place,”Zach confessed in a confessional during an episode of Little People, Big World. “I think the farm would be a great place for Jackson and Lilah to grow up.”Matt had a different opinion. He said in his own confessional that he saw the situation differently. “When Zach and I finally sat down, we were really in very different camps about what kind of a deal could go on. Zach came in real hot. He didn’t come in to negotiate. He came in to demand.”

Matt told Matt in May that he was going to sell a piece of Roloff Farms. He claimed that Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff were his sons at the time. “decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.”Zach wrote a reply to the news, claiming that his father was “manipulating the narrative.”Based on Zach’s absence of a Father’s Day post, it appears that there’s still tension in the Roloff family.

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