FBI Investigates Package Explosion at Northeastern University


The FBI is investigating who could be behind a package that exploded on Northeastern University’s campus in Boston, leaving one staff member injured.

A package delivered to Holmes Hall on the university’s campus exploded after a staff member opened it, according to an alert from the university. 

The 45-year-old staff member sustained minor injuries to his hand and was transported to the hospital for treatment, reported the Boston Police Department (BPD).

Holmes Hall was evacuated and classes were canceled in the surrounding buildings while the area was investigated, according to the university.

Boston Bomb Squad located a second package on campus and was able to safety secure it without an issue, reports BPD.

Sources told WBZ-TV’s I-Team that the package had a hard plastic cover and exploded once the staffer opened the latches, reports CBS News. The package contained a manifesto expressing anti-AI views and mentioned Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, according to the news outlet. 

The Boston Police report that they are working with federal partners to continue to look into the incident. 

In a statement released by university officials, they said the campus has been deemed safe and classes will resume. 

“The safety and security of our campus community is essential and remains our highest priority. We will continue to provide continuous updates as new information becomes available,” said university officials. 

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