FBI Joins Utah Search for Missing Young Farmer


After graduating from highschool, a young farmer purchased land near the Utah border to begin a new job. He disappeared while he was harvesting his first crop, near the Utah/Nevada border.

Dylan Rounds, 19 years old, had spent the last few summers farming in Lucin (Utah). Rounds last spoke with his grandma May 28. Since then, no one has heard from him. Rounds’ parents said that they haven’t seen him since May 28th and that there has not been any activity on his bank account or phone.

The FBI is involved in this case.

East Idaho News reported that Rounds’ family went to his farm on May 30 to check in on him after not hearing from him. When Rounds wasn’t there, they contacted the police and Box Elder County Search & Rescue. The crews began searching the property after arriving.

Rounds’ boots, the only pair he owned, were discovered 100 yeards away from his grain truck “just casually tossed out,” Rounds’ mother, Candice Cooley, told East Idaho News. Cooley was informed by detectives that there was a small amount of blood on the clothes. Candice Cooley explained to East Idaho News that this was because police wanted to keep them in case cadaver dogs would need them.

“At that point, it should have been treated as foul play,” Cooley Submitted ABC7. “You just don’t see someone’s boots in the desert that’s missing.”

Cooley claimed that there were no tire tracks leading to Rounds’ pickup truck. AccordingEast Idaho News. Lucin was buried in rain the weekend that he disappeared.

Rounds’ truck was also noticeably pressure-washed.

“There is no mud on the tires, there’s no mud on the rims but the wheel wells are full of mud like they’ve been driven in the rain,”Cooley shared his thoughts with East Idaho News. “And when I got in the pickup…the seat was scooted up to the point I didn’t even have to move it to drive. I’m 4’11”, Dylan is 5’11” and every time I’ve ever gotten in Dylan’s pickup, I can’t reach the pedals.”

Fox News reports that tips are rare. 

“We’re not even getting tips,”Fox News: Box Elder County Chief of Deputy Cade Palmer “We’re not getting phone calls,

“We need a direction, evidence, something that’s not a wild goose chase, because it’s not good terrain out there, and it’s not for people who just leisurely just want to come out and search,” she told Fox News Digital.

“If somebody is involved with Dylan’s disappearance, they need to know we’re not going to go away,” Chief Deputy Palmer told Fox News Digital. “We’ll continue knocking on doors, even if this takes several months or years.”

An FBI spokesperson told East Idaho News that they are offering assistance and resources to Box Elder County deputies. 

Cooley noted that significant progress has been made since it became involved the week of June 14. She criticized Box Elder officials, stating they gave the family inconsistent help in the early stages of the search according to Law&Crime.

Rounds’ family is offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who finds him or knows where he might be according to East Idaho News. The family is posting updates on the Find Dylan Rounds Facebook page.

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