Fears for Ben Affleck after Alleged Weight Loss and Relationship Problems. Unverified Reports


Are you Ben Affleck‘s friends fearing for his well-being? Rumor has it, his reunion with Jennifer Lopez has been detrimental to the actor’Your mental health and sobriety. Here’s the latest from the tabloids.

Ben Affleck Was Looking For Heartbreak?

Back in August Star According to reports, Jennifer Lopez was using Ben Affleck’s relationship to boost her own popularity. That’s not to say Affleck hasn’t been eating up the perks of his relationship with Lopez. “They’ve done a masterful job of projecting a fairytale to the world that they’re head over heels in love again, but it’s all kind of a game for them and a different story when the cameras are off,”An insider source was sourced.

However, another source claims that Affleck was emotionally more invested in their relationship then Lopez. “Jen’s a genius at positioning herself a certain way, and she’s got the man of her dreams back where she wants him and the world eating out of her hand,”The tipster elaborated. And finally, the source mused that Lopez’s “Hollywood lifestyle” was a threat to Affleck’s sobriety. Read more about Affleck’s impending heartbreak here.

Ben Affleck Sparks Fears Of Relapse?

Then, In Touch Affleck was headed down the slippery slope to relapse, according to witnesses. Although Affleck was smiling in recent months, witnesses observed him with a completely different look at a recent outing. “He looked really thin and tired. Nothing like he did when they were at his movie premiere in Venice a couple of weeks before when they both looked so glamorous,”The actor was praised by many.

The source also added: “He certainly lights up for the cameras, but the guy in the tux smiling on the red carpet with no care in the world is not the real Ben.” And since it’s no secret Affleck has struggled with alcoholism for years, the insider speculated he wasn’t far from slipping off the wagon. According to an insider, Affleck was “haunted by his demons. He seems to be leading a double life.” We investigated Affleck’s possible relapse here.

Ben Affleck Leading Double Life?

Then, Woman’s DaysThese fears were shared by others. A source informed the tabloid that Affleck had been interviewed. “still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady,” adding, “Ben is much more fragile than he looks.”The magazine also stated that Lopez was concerned about Affleck’s health. “She watched him hit rock bottom with the rest of the world”Source explanation “so some part of her must be worried it could happen again.” Read more about Affleck’s double life here.

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