Fears for Ben Affleck Following Alleged Fight with Jennifer Garner ‘He’s A Ticking Time Bomb,’ Anonymous Insider Says


Ben AffleckLast month, he made a spectacle out of himself by blaming the victim Jennifer GarnerPartly because of this alcoholism. Are they on the brink of total breakdown? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ben On The Brink?’

According to OK!, Affleck’s inner circle is worried that he’s falling apart. Affleck isn’t able to think clearly due to the increased media attention he receives from Jennifer Lopez. A source says, “He’s making a lot of bad decisions.”His recent comments on being “trapped”Jennifer Garner

In a regrettable appearance on Howard Stern ShowAffleck stated that he would still drink if Garner was his wife. A source explains, “It’s troubling that he’s taking out his frustrations on Jen, who tried to help him with his sobriety.” Affleck’s also terrified of messing things up with Lopez.

His career is slipping away. He’s been in a string of box office flops, so he’s hyper-focused on getting his career back on track. According to a source, the GigliStar is “putting impossible demands on himself … he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.”

What is Ben Affleck doing?

Gossip Cop is familiar with this story a million more times. Tabloids routinely claim Affleck is falling apart, but he’s still an in-demand actor in a positive relationship. This tabloid has three main points: Affleck’s career is failing, he can’t handle media attention, and he’s lashing out at Garner. None of these points is entirely accurate.

Affleck is the first. couldn’tLopez was first to date him in 2003 and he had to handle the media pressure. He’s a veteran now, and both he and Lopez are far better equipped to deal with the attention. Lopez wouldn’t be with him if he was incapable of it either.

Next comes the feud with Garner. Tabloids have had an absolute field day with Affleck’s alcoholism comments, but in reality, it’s old news. Affleck apologized, claimed he was misquoted (as it is here), then everyone moved on. Although it was not an intelligent thing to say about your ex wife and close friend, Affleck has learned from the experience and is now more mature.

Finally, his career — actors who aren’t doing well typically don’t get to produce five different projects at once. Affleck will star in several projects, and he can still direct any project that he chooses. He’s currently working on a Witness for the Prosecution remake and hasn’t left DC behind either. It’s true that the Last DuelHowever, the underperformers can still be said for nearly every other movie of this decade. Spider-Man.

Other Myths

OK! promised Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner would romantically reunite in 2021, and that obviously didn’t happen. A few weeks ago, it claimed Lopez had forced Affleck face-to-face with her every day. How this tabloid earned access to Lopez’s phone logs was completely unexplained. With a track record this lousy, it’s impossible to trust this tabloid with Affleck stories.

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