Fears of the notorious ‘Croydon Cat Killer,’ are back after a mutilated mouse was discovered in the garden


London’s pet owners are worried after hearing that a Sanderstead cat was killed in an attack. “gruesome” manner – raising fears that the notorious Croydon Cat Killer could be back.

Residents of Croydon still fear the mysterious animal killer. Between 2015 and 2017, hundreds of mutilated cats have been found in the region.

Twenty-five post-mortem exams were conducted, but no evidence was found. “human involvement”Following a police investigation. Recent fears were raised by a Lewisham beautician that the killer might have returned.

After a cat went missing from Sanderstead, its body was discovered on the front lawn of its owner two days later.

A 2018 Metropolitan Police investigation found no evidence pointing to a Croydon Cat Killer
A Metropolitan Police investigation in 2018 did not find any evidence linking a Croydon Cat Killer

Staff at a veterinary clinic examined the corpse and contacted police to inquire about whether the cat had suffered fatal injuries.

South London Animal Investigation Network has seen photographs of the body. The MirrorBelieve that “it is most likely the work of ‘the same killer”.

However, the Metropolitan Police disagreed and stated that there was no reason to connect this death with other killings.

Boudicca Rising, the founder of South London Animal Investigation Network, stated that people should be vigilant.

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The Croydon area seems to have more than its fair share of mystery cat deaths
Croydon seems to have more mystery cat deaths than it deserves

“We’re not ruling out that this could be a group, but all the evidence seems to point to one person carrying this out.

“We haven’t had any incidents anywhere in the South East that were so far away.

“At the height of this, when they were happening a lot, you could plot it on the map and see the journey this person was making.

“We’ve been concentrating our attention on the geo-profiling pattern. This would not be possible if the subject was animal-related. However, there are patterns.

Katherine Hughes's cat Theo was killed – apparently deliberately – earlier this year
Katherine Hughes’s cat Theo was killed – apparently deliberately – earlier this year

“For instance, after analysing three years of data we noticed that on bank holidays there are more likely instances down the coast. In fact, every time there’s a bank holiday where there’s also a half-term we’ve seen an incident in Portsmouth.

“We have also seen areas in South London where there has been no incident despite high numbers of cats and foxes.”

A Met spokesperson said: “Staff at South Croydon’s veterinary clinic contacted police on Monday, October 11, after concerns were raised over the possible death of a cat who had disappeared from a nearby house.

“Officers are in contact with the cat’s owners and are carrying out further enquiries.

“It is not possible to link the death of this cat to any deaths of cats in Croydon.”

The Met’s 2018 investigation cost over £130,000 and staff worked for 2,250 hours.

With no CCTV footage, forensic leads or witnesses the controversial outcome was recorded.

A spokesperson for the Met said at the time: “In September 2018, it was revealed that Croydon’s cats had been killed as a result of blunt force trauma from vehicle collisions. After stealing foxes’ heads and tails, they mutilated their bodies.

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