Felicity Huffman Supposedly Near Divorce After Serving Time in Prison, Dubious Sources Tell


Are You Felicity Huffman William H. MacyOn the brink divorce? One tabloid claims Huffman’s involvement in the infamous college admissions scandal took a “tragic toll”on their marriage. Here’s what we know.

Felicity Huffman ‘Fighting To Save Marriage’?

This week, Globe claims Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy are struggling to make their marriage work following the actress’ release from prison. The outlet reminds readers that Huffman served a ten-day stint in jail for bribing her daughter’s way into a top university. Sources say Huffman & Macy have not returned to their normal lives, but they are still trying to save their marriage. “They are still feeling very scarred and burned over what they’ve been through, Felicity especially,”An insider’s view. “So, they’re planning to treat themselves to a deluxe vacation this summer, Greece, the French Riviera, Paris, and Rome.”

Huffman appears to be still navigating the trauma from the past four years. “Felicity still has nightmares about the experience,”The tipper admits. “They need to put the last two years behind them and clear their heads and come back as the perfect couple Hollywood looked up to.”

Huffman And Macy ‘Battling To Stay Together’?

This tabloid is aware that Huffman was freed from prison in 2019. We can see that Huffman, Macy were able to miraculously regain a sense for normalcy. That’s certainly supported by the couple’s outing back in February. Photos from the evening show Huffman smiling wide while Macy is walking arm in arm. We’re just not seeing what’s needing saving.

But the point is, they’re out of the water. The worst part is behind them, so we don’t understand the magazine’s insistence that things are suddenly tense between Huffman and Macy. Furthermore, we have absolutely no reason to believe they’re planning some grand European vacation. If they are, then good for them, but we also wouldn’t take that as evidence that their marriage is struggling.

Nice Try, But We’ve Heard This One Before

The tabloids have been crying ever since Huffman was first mentioned in the college admissions scandal. “divorce.”Huffman was released shortly after his release. Woman’s Day Macy claimed she was divorcing Huffman. The tabloid also reported that Huffman was living with Macy. “separate lives.”Finally, Star Macy and Huffman were allegedly involved in the sabotage. “on the brink”Divorce. But if Huffman and Macy haven’t called it quits yet, we doubt that they ever will.

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