Finding Buried Treasure Ain’t Cheap — How Did Rick Lagina Make His Money?


Rick may be a star on reality TV, hunting for buried treasure. But he’s very private. We know he is from Kingsford, Mich. Although it is not clear if he ever left Kingsford, we know that he was once a U.S. postal worker and retired before pursuing his true passion: finding Oak Island’s buried treasure. Marty, his brother, was wealthy before the show. He funded the initial searches.

Interview with Traverse MagazineRick was very clear before Season 3 about calling this a treasure hunting. He explained that the treasure hunt was a “treasure hunt”. “treasure hunt,”You know what you want, but they don’t. “It ranges from leprechaun gold to ancient alien deposition, to [some type of] treasures left by the Knights Templar, pirates, Rosicrucians, conquistadors, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Francis Bacon,”He said Traverse Magazine. “The possibilities of this story are so rich.”