‘Fireball’ Sky hundreds of miles from UK: Meteor seen lighting up the sky


The meteor was spotted at several locations in the UK. It was first spotted by one person in St Albans on Thursday morning, around 12:40 AM.

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Bright fireball streaks appear in the night sky close to St Albans

An amazing clip “fireball”According to some, meteors flying through the sky look like “someone setting off a white flare”.

It was seen in many places in the UK. One man, in St Albans in Hertfordshire, saw it around 12.40 this morning.

South Wales witnesses also saw the phenomenon and described it as “like”. “someone setting off a white flare beside me.”

Chris Chadfield (a third man) was able to catch the fireball from Crawley in West Sussex. The Star reports.

Will Gater, Astronomer wrote: “Chris Chadfield caught the fireball on camera! Looks just as I saw it.

“For reference Moon was at magnitude -10.9.

“Last night, another bright meteor fireball erupted over the UK at 23:40UT.”

UK Meteor Network said they received over 200 public reports after a fireball last night shortly before midnight.

In January, people across the UK reported seeing a flaming meteor light up the sky – as shocked spectators stood in awe of the spectacle.

Spectators saw the blue and green flaming rock over large parts of Scotland, as well as parts of England, and Wales.

But reports of something strange in the sky come from as far as the Netherlands.

After shooting across the sky the meteor eventually burned up in the earth’s atmosphere before its debris crashed to the ground.

One onlooker told the Daily Record: “It appeared out of the blue and traveled quickly, losing altitude as it went.”

While stargazers in North Wales told North Wales Live: “It was moving so quickly that we were unsure of our abilities to keep up. I’m so glad you posted this. “I no longer feel like a visionary!”