First look at I am A Celeb’s frightening tower trial as flames light Gwrych Castle


On Friday night, I’m A Celebrity’s Gwrych Castle was illuminated by cars as celebrities drove up to the historic building. They will stay there for three weeks.

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Exclusive: IAC trial begins as stars enter camp

The 2021 I’m A Celebrity stars have arrived at Gwrych Castle in order to face off against each other for their first terrifying trial.

On Friday night, the Welsh castle was illuminated by cars as celebrities drove up to the historic building. They will stay there for three weeks.

Two towers with enormous heights stood in front of it, and were lit up in blue in preparation for the first challenge, Turrets of Terror.

Two large keys were visible illuminated at the top of each tower, as one star seemed to be holding one.

The loser team will be required to travel to The Clink, the castle’s prison. They will sleep on the ground in cramped living quarters while they survive on basic food rations.

It also contains a primitive, darkened shower and a small, cramped courtyard.

“They’re going to be on top of each other,”Olly Nash, executive producer, spoke to us.

They won’t heat the area and they will have a smaller, more intimate privy.

Bosses promised that this series would be the most difficult yet for Gwrych Castle. Many of them will be offsite, which is a departure from last year.

Turrets of Terror is the first trial. It features two specially-made castle turrets on the grounds of the castle.

Tom Gould, Creative Director said that half the celebrities would win a spot in the main camp. The other half will lose their place and will need to spend time in The Clink.

“If you end up in there it is obviously a smaller area and most of daily life will be outside in a tiny courtyard.”

To ensure that this year’s series is harder, bosses have increased the number of trials by around 20 percent.

Executive Producer Olly Nash said: “This year we did set out at the beginning to make it much tougher. They are in for longer(show duration), the trials are bigger. The trials were limited last year and this time they are much closer to the Australian series in terms of scale.”

*I’m A Celebrity returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV

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