First Moments of Jussie’s Stint in Jail Revealed in Just Released Video


Newly released bodycam video shows actor Jussie Smollett in the first moments of his incarceration at Cook County Jail.

The actor shouted moments earlier as he was led out of court to begin his 150-day sentence. He had been accused of staging a hate crime, and lying to Chicago police. 

Before he began the long walk to his cell, Smollett was placed in handcuffs. The actor was reassured by one officer.  

“Mr. Smollett, we are the E.R.T. team, the emergency response team. We handle all the high-profile guys. We had R. Kelly when he was here. You are in safe hands with the whole situation,”The officer stated.

Smollett was taken for fingerprints. Once at his cell, he changed into clothes and shoes issued by the jail and put his street clothes into a bag.

“This is going to be where you are going to be for now. In a little while they’ll probably bring you sheets and blankets and all that stuff. We’re going to be posted out here. And like I said, doctors will come and see you in a little bit,”Smollett was informed by an officer.

Smollett was released six days later. He is appealing his case and the remainder of his sentence has been suspended.