Fit gran, 44 years old, was accused by jealous trollings of ‘lying about her age’


A woman aged 44 who is a grandmother says she looks young and lies to people.

Claire McGouganA Scottish woman, Judith, posts regularly on her TikTok channel. Recently, she received a rude comment which read: “Granny, yeah right.”

Another user claimed it was “bulls***”Claire returned with another video, in which she cuddles and holds her baby grandson.

She gives her baby a bottle and then smiles at the camera.

“See your wee comment so I thought I’d jump on.

“Yes I am 100% a gran – love it, best thing ever! Happy, happy!

The Scottish gran with her cute grandson
The Scottish gran and her cute grandson

This video was viewed more than 137,000 times, and many others said the exact same thing.

One user commented: “Glamorous gran! You’re gorgeous and I’m jealous.”

A second comment: “You look great! Think people are jealous.”

Claire was told by another person: “I can’t believe how many negative comments you get. Stunning gorgeous gran and I can’t wait to see your TikToks.”

Other people were also trying to guess Claire’s age. Some thought it was 40 while one suggested 50.

The gran gets a lot of trolls on her TikTok channel
The gran is a frequent target of trolls through her TikTok channel

The Scots informed them: “45 in July – the 3rd if you want to send me a birthday card.”

Claire admitted that she had used a filter, but she said she hadn’t had any cosmetic work done.

“The only thing being smoothed out on my face is me using a filter – everything else is me,”She said.

This was after a grumpy gran, who had blown out 53 candles for her birthday cake, said that men half her ages were interested in her and wanted her number.

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